2003-06-11 Pressing & Sintering

Efficient Low-Alloy Steels for High Performance Structural Applications

PM²TEC 2003, in Las Vegas, USA. Authors: Ulf Engström, Alexander Klekovkin, Sigurd Berg, Bill Edwards, Leonid Frayman, Gerd Hinzmann, Dax Whitehouse. The appearance of advanced forming technologies such as high velocity compaction as well as newly developed chromium-molybdenum P/M materials may promote powder metallurgy to challenge wrought materials, such as SAE-AISI 4135 and 4140. This study describes metallurgical and mechanical properties of sintered steels based on the chromium-molybdenum prealloyed material Astaloy CrL processed with various compaction, sintering, and heat treatment methods. In particular, the properties of Astaloy CrL powder material has been subjected to high velocity, warm, and conventional compaction and then being conventional and high temperature sintered as well as vacuum carburized will be discussed.