2001-10-16 Pressing & Sintering

High-Density PM Componets by High Velocity Compaction

The International Conference on Power Transmission Components, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. Arranged by MPIF. Author: Paul Skoglund. High Velocity Compaction (HVC) is a compaction method that enables high density and the possibility to make large P/M parts up to more than five kg (10 lbs). The powder is compacted in less than 20 milliseconds by high-energy impact. Further densification is possible by adding multiple impacts as short as 300 milliseconds after each other. HVC is a mass production method that can expand the use of P/M beyond its present limitations. In the case of components that would require such high compaction force that the tonnage of conventional presses is a limitation, HVC can be used. In this paper the HVC technology is described and discussed. Properties of materials based on both pre-alloyed Astaloy powders and diffusion alloyed grades at densities in the range of 7.4-7.7 g/cm³ are presented. This new manufacturing technology was recently introduced for PM and examples of components that can be produced are given.