Copper alloy system with unrivalled performance

GLIDCOP® is a non-heat treatable copper alloy system that is dispersion-strengthened with ultra-fine particles of aluminium oxide. This results in a unique combination of high strength and high conductivity unmatched by other copper alloy systems.

Unique for GLIDCOP is that the aluminium oxide particles are thermally stable. They remain effective in strengthening the copper matrix, resisting grain coarsening and recrystallization even after very long exposures to high temperature.

GLIDCOP grades with different oxide contents are available to serve a broad range of strength and conductivity requirements based on the needs of an application.

Features and benefits:

  • Extraordinary resistance to recrystallization and thermal softening
  • High electrical and thermal conductivities
  • High tensile and yield strengths at room temperature
  • High strength at elevated temperature
  • High stress rupture strength at elevated temperature
  • Anti-stick characteristics when resistance-welding coated steels
  • Resistance to property degradation caused by exposure to radiation



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